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Credit Cards are AcceptedCredit Cards are Accepted

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Michigan Sportfishing Charter Trips:

Saginaw Bay
Walleye Capital
of the World!!!
Walleye Charters
at Au Gres (AuGres)
and Tawas City (or East Tawas)


Lake Erie
Walleye Charters
at Monroe,
Toledo and
Port Clinton


Saginaw Bay
Walleye or Perch Charters at Au Gres (AuGres)


Lake Michigan
King Salmon Charters
at Manistee


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Charter services for the film, television, TV, Movie, Cenema, Video Industry Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters offers charter boat and marine services (rental or lease) for the film, television (TV), cinema and movie industry in Michigan and Ohio.  We have on-the-water video production experience on the Great Lakes and other rivers and inland lakes of Michigan and Ohio.   We are fully licensed and insured and can provide professional support for your cinematography projects.  

It is illegal to hire (pay for the services in any way) a non-licensed boat (licensed by the Michigan DNR or Ohio DNR) for any purpose on the Great Lakes and connecting waters.  It is also illegal to hire a boat on the Great Lakes or connecting waters that is not run by a licensed captain.  The law even requires that a boat must be licensed and inspected by the DNR and run by a licensed guide on inland waters to.  There are also many other laws governing "boats for hire" in Michigan and Ohio and the fines and penalties for violation of those laws can be quite severe, so hiring a legal charter services makes good business since.

Scenery shots of lighthouses or many other backdrops can help make a film into a hit.  We offer professional services (rental or lease) at reasonable rates for just about any film, video, television (TV), movie or cinema project that needs marine  or boating work in Michigan or Ohio.  Our boat is open in design (convertible top), so it provides good camera coverage.  The boat is also fast and stable to help out in a variety of filming uses.  We can be used as a camera boat or we can also serve as a prop for a realistic background.  If you need areas scouted for film locations or need specific scenery shots, then we can also assist with those activities.  Trophy Specialists has over 35 years of experience boating and fishing in the Great Lakes region.  We regularly run charters on Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River and a bunch of other waters.  We know the waters of Michigan and Ohio very well.  Of course, if you are looking to record fishing action we can certainly help there as our specialty is catching lots of walleye, salmon, steelhead and trout action for our fishing charter customers.  

We also have taxidermy mounts for lease of fish, deer, squirrels and lots of other birds and mammals available for rent to the film industry.

Please contact us for pricing and more information.   

734-475-9146 Phone to book your trip 734-475-9146



Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters Homepage

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