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Michigan Sportfishing Charter Trips:

Saginaw Bay
Walleye Capital
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Walleye Charters
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Lake Erie
Walleye Charters
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Toledo and
Port Clinton


Saginaw Bay
Walleye or Perch Charters at Au Gres (AuGres)


Lake Michigan
King Salmon Charters
at Manistee


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By making a reservation with Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters participants in the charter agree to abide by the business policies, terms and conditions of service:


All gift certificates, deposits or prepayments are nonrefundable.  We will only hold a booking for five days pending the receipt of the deposit payment and that timeframe might be shorter in the case of a last minute booking (within five days of the scheduled charter).

Cancellations, Rescheduling, No-shows and Tardiness

It will be at the captain's sole discretion whether to cancel a trip due to circumstances beyond his control (e.g. bad weather, mechanical problems, poor water conditions or any other causes). If the captain cancels a charter, the customer can reschedule the trip at their convenience based on charter availability.  If the captain curtails a trip due to bad weather, mechanical problems or certain other reasons, then the hours on the water will be prorated and the customer will only pay for the hours on the water (dock to dock), however if 3 trout or salmon, 5 walleyes or 25 perch are caught per client, then the trip will be considered completed even if curtailed.  There will be a $200 minimum fee though for all charters regardless of the duration on the water.  If the customer curtails a trip due to any reasons then the customer will still owe the entire charter fee.  If the customer cancels a charter for any reason, then the customer may loose their deposit at the captain's sole discretion.  If a customer wants to reschedule a charter, then the customer may loose their deposit at the sole discretion of the Captain.  If the customer is late for the charter (including eating breakfast), then that time is taken off the duration of the charter and if the charter is thereafter curtailed for any reason the full fee will be owed.  If the customer is more than 30 minutes tardy (the captain will not wait any longer), then the trip is considered "customer cancelled" and the customer will forfeit the deposit.  If the customer refuses to go fishing for any reason, including not signing the Waiver, or refuses to scale back their weight to less than 1,000 pounds, then the trip will be considered "customer cancelled" and the deposit is forfeited.  Consider getting travel insurance if you have concerns about possible losses.   

Equipment and Boat Care

Costs incurred from negligent use of equipment will be charged to the customer (e.g. dropping a rod overboard, breaking a rod, cigarette burns, damage from spilled food/beverages or anything else). If a customer breaks a seat, they pay for it. If the customer causes damages, the trip may also be cut short so the captain can perform repairs and replacements and the customer will owe the entire cost of the charter plus damages. This includes situations where a customer allows a fish to tangle the line in the prop, downrigger cables, or other equipment. If customers unnecessarily mess up the boat by spilling food and beverages or by other means, then the trip will be curtailed so the captain can clean up the customer's mess on the customer's dime.

Limitations and Payment

The maximum number of customers allowed on the boat is four and the maximum combined weight of the customers cannot exceed 1,000 pounds including the customer's gear: This is to avoid overloading the boat. Regardless of how many people were scheduled, the charter fee is still based on how many total people actually go out on the boat. Only credit cards, personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks or US currency can be used for payment at the dock. There will be a $50 charge for any checks that bounce or for exceeding credit card limits. There will be a $500 charge for checks that are "stop paid" or for credit card charge-backs.  In addition, the appropriate criminal charges (felony larceny) and civil action will be pressed if necessary. The balance of the charter plus any money owed for damages is due at the conclusion of the charter. If full payment is not made at the conclusion of the charter, the police will be notified and felony larceny charges will be pressed. If any collection action must be taken against a customer, then an additional $100 charge will be assessed and the cost of all collection activities will also be charged to the customer. This would include costs incurred from lost charter revenue, travel, lawyers, bill collectors, court fees or anything else.

Liability Policy

Customers hire Trophy Specialist Fishing Charters LLC. at their own risk. Charter fishing is generally recognized as a safe activity, however there are certain risks associated with the activity that customers should be aware of. Charter boats on the Great Lakes often encounter waves that will rock, roll and bounce the boat. This can cause problems for people with balance difficulties, motion sickness, bad backs or other heath problems. On occasion lures can dislodge from fish and impale anglers. Cold, wet conditions can wreak havoc on poorly dressed anglers. Fishing typically occurs a long distance from rescue or medical treatment. Battling a big fish can strain and injure anglers. Fog can roll in or weather can change unpredictably causing dangerous situations. Other boats on the water can cause accidents. Floating debris pose hazards. Large waves can swamp even the best equipped charter boat. Mechanical problems on the boat are rare but can happen. Trophy Specialists LLC is not responsible for any liability pertaining to all the activities concerning the fishing charter. All customers will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement before boarding the boat.


Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters Homepage

Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

copyright 1998 Trophy Specialist LLC.

copyright 1998 Trophy Specialists LLC

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